Medical Billing and Coding Books

medical billing coding books

When it comes to Medical billing and coding books available today in the market, there are many that provide introductory as well as topic specific knowledge on Medical billing and coding. Many books and reference manuals are also available to help experienced billers and coders to do their day-to-day job. Books and materials on same topic can be found from different publishers such as American Medical Assoiciation (AMA), Optum360, DecisionHealth and AAPC.

These books at a high level can be categorized in to below topics:

  • CPT/Procedural
  • ICD-10
  • Behavioral Health
  • Specialty
  • Billing & Payment
  • Compliance

or in to below categories based on the office where a biller or coder would be using them:

  • Physician or Professional
  • Hospital or Facility
  • Payer

Below is an attempt to list the relevant books and reference materials that can be handy for a newbie as well as an experienced medical biller or coder.

Note: The list of books below is an ever-changing list added with new books or updated with latest revisions of these books. If you do not find a book in this list or something is incorrect for a book already listed, do let us know and we would be happy to make that change.

101: Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding

Exam Prep

American Medical Association Reference Manuals

Quick Reference Guides & Pamphlets