Working from Home as a Medical Biller or Coder

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When you are looking to work at home or remotely as a medical biller or coder, there are two ways to do it. You can be either an employee of a company that allows remote billers and coders who work at home, or you can be your own boss and start a business at home by doing medical coding and billing.

This article explains how you can become a medical billing or coding professional who works remotely from home. If you are looking to start a work from home medical coding and billing business, check our article about it here. While there is a huge demand for medical billing and coding professionals, with many medical offices and doctors looking to hire independent vendors and contractors who work-at-home, it could be very difficult to start your career as a work from home coder or biller. It is highly recommended that you start as a full time on premise office coder or biller, gain the knowledge and experience to be able to work on your own and then start wroking remotely or telecommute full time or part time. If you are wondering if you could become a successful medical coding and billing work at home employee, below are few things to consider.

The Prerequisites

Before you even start thinking about working from home, make sure you know how the healthcare industry operates. If you do not have experience in healthcare services, it would be helpful to get a training or take courses that provide you with this basic understanding. Along with the industry knowledge, you also need to know about medical coding and/or billing that you want to do as your own business. You can choose to attend a community college for a certificate or diploma course, or pursue a graduation depending on how much money and time you have to do this. Please check the learning section to find out more about these options.

Setting Up

So what would you need to start working from home? Basic equipments to start medical billing and coding business such as a good computer with internet connection, a printer and phone. These are the easiest to arange if you have the money to buy them compared to what follow.

You have decide how would you become a remote worker, would you be an employee of a company that uses your services full time or would you be a contractor working independently providing medical billiing and coding services?

Working from home as a remote employee will need the approval of your employer who must be willing and confident to let you work full time from home. Some empoyers allow working few days from home and rest of the days from an office. It depends on the terms of your employment with the company and your ability to conivnce them that you are capable of doing the work by yourselves. It also depends on the requirement of your skills and the value you bring ot the table. If you are specialized in coding claims for a speciality which has a shortage of coders, it could be much easier for you to be allowed to work remotely. If you are an employee, your employer may provide the infrastructure required for you to work from home such as a laptop with required software and a secure connection to login to their systems remotely.

You could also be an independent contractor who works for coding and billing companies using the services of remote contractors. In this case, your contract duration and terms determine the nature and length of your job. You may contract with multiple companies needing your services so that you have enough work to sustain yourselves in the long run even when you lose some of these clients. You may to setup your own home office in such cases and may also have to own the software and related expenses on your own. Sustaining yourselves as a consultant needs more effort in enhancing and marketing your skills and networking to find new contracts. You may also be more successful establishing your own business and independently handling the coding and billing with providers rather than contracting with third party coding and billing companies. A word of caution though, choose legitimate clients and contracts whom you have known previously or are well known companies as there are lot of scams to get you tricked to giving away your money for getting work.


While all of these steps above may sound achievable, it is easier said than done. It requires many years of hard work, industry experience and networking to become a successful remote medical biller or coder. We wish you all the best and feel free to contact us or add your comments below.